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Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag Stage Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag Stage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well executed, but missing a but of magic...

This is a well done remastering of the stage music for Flame Stag, which is good. I like the original riffs and accompaniments, and I like the effort that has been put into it.

There's a bit of sound imbalance at times. The drums cut off the guitars a little, and while the sound effects are nice, they simply don't blend well with the song.

Some of those sound effects sounded like Mega Man X1 weapons, not X2, and they seemed a little random with the exception of the appropriate beginning and ending.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, though, is that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of imagination to this piece. While it's a well-done cover of the music, it doesn't seem to add a lot to this tune. That doesn't make it bad or inadequate by any means, but it doesn't make it that memorable, either.

DarKsidE555 responds:

I agree with the imbalance and I tell you why it happened. This is the first track from me I that tried to "master". Now I'm not very familiar with that but I thought it's time to take a step forward. I guess for my first try, I turned out well, though, like mentioned before, there is a little imbalance. The track is very "trebley". I cut off to much of the mids and lows, sadly.

The sound effects are 100 % from Mega Man X1. There aren't any complete or quality sounding sfx from Mega Man X2 available on the web. At least not that I know. So I took a couple from Mega Man X1. Heh and they aren't placed "random". I mean, if you play the actual game, do you know what sfx are there in the next 10 seconds? I guess not. ;)

I wanted to provide that feeling for the listener. How it would sound in the actual "in-game".

Let me ask you another question for your last review part. Why are some remixes no remixes at all? ... Because they lack of imagination for the original itself. Some Mega Man remixes I've heard punch tunes in a completely new direction. This isn't bad at all, though, as a big Mega Man fan myself, it just hurts not to hear the original melody in it's purest form. For me, THAT isn't memorable, since you are waiting for that in a cover/remixsong.

I'm more the guy, that takes on the original and adds parts with own ideas, while staying "old-skool". I just my way of doing "it". :)

Anyways, thank you very much for the detailed review, it's appreciated to hear some good old constructive criticism from time to time!

*Heart Of Rave* *Heart Of Rave*

Rated 5 / 5 stars


What an awesome tune, with a very balanced sound across all the instrumental tracks. The voice clips are just the right level, as is the percussion and everything else. For some odd reason it reminds me of the first part of Akuma's theme from the Street Fighter series, but it's a great piece of work.

ZeRo-BaSs responds: