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Entry #13

The Final Day of the Newgrounds Store

2014-03-06 09:40:01 by Nangbaby

When I first got the e-mail that the Newgrounds store was closing, I was sickened.  I somehow thought NG would be selling T-shirts and goods forever. The mythical "someday" when I'd be on better financial footing would be the day I'd throw some money at NG and get a shirt as a "Thank you" for all the years it has supported artists. That changed when I saw the e-mail and I looked at my empty wallet.  I wouldn't even get paid until well after the sale was over and the store was closed.

Then I got an unexpected boon.

I don't support sites and causes willy-nilly, and until today I literally did not have any cash to spend to help someone else out. I did receive something in my bank account, though, so I decided to pay it forward and buy some swag. I couldn't spend as much as I wanted to, because I have bills to pay. Despite this, I felt I had to give back; I had been using this site for almost a decade without pitching in a dime.  Even though I've been inactive for the past few years, Newgrounds always seems welcome me back at my own pace, and as I've grown older, I've come to appreciate certain decisions the administrators have made.  I've finally put at least a drop in the bucket to make up for the bandwith I consume.

Newgrounds is a community.  It embodies its motto "Everything for everyone." Please consider purchasing something if you can. If you can't, I understand. Until a few hours ago, I couldn't either. If you do have even a spare few dollars, please consider this is likely your last chance to get some of these physical items. There's nothing like a physical reminder of all the digital good times you had.


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